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​Cracks 1" wide and larger are generally patched with hot mix asphalt as opposed to "sealing" with liquid sealants.

​The industry standard for crack sealing generally recommends sealing cracks starting at 1/4" wide. Cracks can be sealed with hot rubber sealant or cold pour sealants.

cracks 1" wide and larger

cracks 1/4" wide to 1" wide



Cracks 1/4" wide to 1" wide

Cracks 1" wide and larger

Crack Repair and Crack Seal


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​All cracks should be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris to an approximate depth to width ratio of 1:1.

**All crack repair is temporary. There is no cure for cracked asphalt pavement short of complete removal and replacement of the entire cracked structure, which in most cases, is the entire street system or parking structure.

Coachella Valley's


A primary concern of Coachella Valley's community association homeowners is the infectious issue of cracks in their asphalt pavement streets. Simply put, "Cracks are the cancer of the asphalt industry." There is no known cure short of complete removal and replacement of the entire cracked area, which unfortunately in most cases, is the entire asphalt structure.  WE HAVE ONE GUARANTEE WITH CRACKS IN THE COACHELLA VALLEY DESERT. WE GUARANTEE THAT THEY WILL GROW IN SIZE AND IN NUMBER EVERY YEAR. Due to the extreme temperature fluctuations of our Coachella Valley desert climate and the daily ground movement responding to those fluctuations, cracks can change dramatically from year to year and should be monitored on an annual basis.

​The winter months of November through February are the peak period for cracks. As temperatures cool, asphalt contracts and cracks expand. The colder the weather, the wider the cracks.

There is a brief note of good news in the midst of all that appears so bad.  The good news is that cracks are a natural component of our desert climate and in most situations do not present a threat to the structural stability of your asphalt pavement. The only time cracks threaten the true structural integrity of your asphalt is when influenced by regular moisture penetration, especially when compounded with significant traffic loads. With the absence of moisture, cracked streets, although not aesthetically appealing, are structurally sound driving surfaces and will provide a long term useful life.

Cracks are a very controversial issue and there is a lot of confusion and misrepresentation associated with them.  As is true with cancer, lack of true facts creates fear and confusion; knowledge helps restore some security and peace.

To help provide a little peace in understanding the aging of asphalt, here are a few tips.  Cracks, like wrinkles, come with age.  Although not aesthetically appealing, they are more of a surface complexion problem than a structural health problem.  Regular maintenance will help control them, reconstructive surgery is required to remove them.