Although sealcoat applications are often referred to as slurry seal, our discussion focuses on Road Slurry Applications.  Road Slurry is the big brother of sealcoat.  Sealcoat has little or no aggregate in the mix design and very minimal depth in coverage (measured in mils), whereas Road Slurry has a high percentage of aggregate and when applied, ranges from 1/8" thick for a Type I Slurry to as thick as 3/8" for a Type III Slurry.  Type I, II, or III refers to the size of aggregate in the application.

Road Slurry works best on old, coarse and eroded asphalt, severely cracked asphalt, asphalt exposed to excessive water, and asphalt for which sealcoat is no longer beneficial.

Road Slurry is a cost-effective solution that fulfills a need and fits a budget between sealcoat applications and an asphalt overlay.

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sealcoat vs. slurry seal

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Sealcoat applications are essential in this desert environment.  Sealcoat is the sunscreen that saves your asphalt.  This intense desert sunshine will rapidly bake and burn your asphalt, resulting in immediate oxidation surface raveling and erosion.  Sealcoat not only protects your pavement from getting burned, it also helps protect against water damage and seals in the vital oils of the asphalt to help maintain flexibility and resist cracking.

While the primary purpose of sealcoat applications is to protect your pavement, one of the most valuable benefits is the aesthetic appeal of the beautiful black surface, enhancing the overall value of your entire property.

The first sealcoat application should be applied within the first 1-3 years of asphalt installation, and repeated every 3-4 years to maximize protective value.  In this desert, a two (2) coat application should be applied to maximize cost-effective protection.